Application of High Temperature Sealant

Most of our common sealants belong to the silicone type, and the temperature resistance is in the range of -50°C~+250°C. Because of the poor weather resistance and temperature resistance, they can only meet ordinary industrial purposes. For the continuous update of modern equipment, according to different industries The requirements for sealants on many new equipment in China are getting higher and higher, so ordinary sealants can no longer meet them.

High temperature resistant sealant is made of high-performance heat-resistant resin and various heat-resistant materials, and is widely used in bonding, repairing and sealing of various parts under high temperature conditions. It has high bonding strength, good sealing, high temperature resistance (300-1730°C), corrosion resistance, widely used in metal, metallurgy, ceramics, organic and inorganic materials, acid and alkali resistance, blast furnace lining, molten steel temperature measuring probe, Harsh places such as steel ingot molds.

1. High temperature sealant is a one-component paste or sealant with certain fluidity

Premium sealing compound for applications requiring high temperature and pressure conditions with smooth, flat sealing surfaces (butt joints). Especially suitable for sealing metal joints: steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, casings, flange joints, etc.

2. High-temperature sealants can solve the problems of sealing, filling, coating, repairing and bonding of high-temperature equipment

High temperature sealants are especially useful for sealing metal joints. High temperature sealant can withstand high heat steam, gas, hot and cold water, light fuel oil, lubricant, crude oil and natural gas. Excellent adhesion on sealing surfaces and joints ensures a pressure-resistant seal. High-temperature sealant products are used on the sealing surface (butt joint) of steam turbine and gas turbine and the joint surface of the engine to use high-temperature-resistant sealant. It can also be used in many industrial enterprises such as steam turbines and gas turbines, power plants (nuclear power plants), gas plants and water plants, oil refineries, smelters, shipyards, paint and rubber manufacturing, chemical plants, power plants (including nuclear power plants) steam turbines, the sealing of the cylinder assembly surface of the wheel and the flue gas wheel, the high-temperature sealing of industrial turbomachinery and equipment flanges, and the sealing of high-temperature heat pipe screw threads. Especially suitable for sealing metal joints: steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, casings, flange joints, etc.

3. Precautions for using high temperature sealant

After the operation is completed, the unused glue should immediately tighten the cap and keep it sealed. When using it again, if there is a little crust on the seal, just remove it, and it will not affect the normal use. High-temperature sealant products need to be sealed and stored in a ventilated, cool, and dry place.


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