Application of Silicone Oil in Cosmetics and Medical Treatment

1. Application of silicone oil in cosmetics

Silicone oil can be well used in cosmetics production to improve the performance of cosmetics. Silicone oil has a combination of low surface tension and viscosity, which can make other components of cosmetics easy to diffuse into a film on the skin without viscosity. The debonding performance of silicone oil makes it cooperate with Vaseline, paraffin, beeswax and lanolin to obtain non sticky products. Volatile silicone oil can give cosmetics fast drying, smoothness, antifouling and good luster.

As a carrier of cosmetics, it can quickly dissipate and make other cosmetic components evenly distributed. This is very important in eye beauty products and nail polish. In the hair care products, multi purpose silicone oil can increase the luster of the hair, at the same time, it can set the shape and prevent the hair sticking together. In shampoo, silicone oil can make hair easy to comb. In skin care products, the hydrophobic film formed by silicone oil can not only prevent other components from being washed by water, but also keep the skin in normal ventilation. At present, silicone oil has become an important component or assistant in many cosmetics. As a professional silicone product supplier, welcome to purchase your needs in ZHONGTIAN EAST.

2. Application of silicone oil in medical and health services

Multi purpose silicone oil has no toxicity to human body and is not decomposed by body fluids, so it is also widely used in medical and health services. Taking advantage of its antifoaming effect, oral gastrointestinal swelling tablets and pulmonary edema antifoaming aerosol were prepared. Adding silicone oil to the ointment can improve the permeability of the drug to the skin and improve the efficacy. Some plasters with silicone oil as base oil have good curative effects on burns, dermatitis and pressure sores. Using the anticoagulant effect of silicone oil, it can be used to treat the surface of blood reservoir and prolong the storage time of blood samples. It can also be used in a disposable syringe to lubricate the inner wall and rubber plug of the syringe.

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