Application of Silicone Rubber Products in the Automotive, Electronic and Electrical Industries

Silicone rubber products have unique comprehensive properties, especially the biocompatibility of silicone rubber is a key feature, which solves many technical problems and meets the needs of modern industry and daily life.

1. Silicone rubber products in the automotive industry

In particular, silicone rubber products with various characteristics, such as heat-resistant silicone rubber, can withstand fuel, improve the performance of various parts of the car and reduce maintenance costs.

Silicone rubber products can be used for automobile ignition wires, spark plug protective covers, heating and radiator hoses, muffler linings, battery joints, and fuel pumps made of fluorosilicone rubber. With the development of vehicle electronics and electrification, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber products are widely used as potting materials for electronic parts, electrical assemblies, windshields, sealing around car bodies, and bonding sealants for reflectors.

2. Silicone rubber products in the electronics and electrical industries

Silicone rubber products are mainly used for TV anode covers, high-voltage protective covers, high-voltage lead wires, refrigerator defroster wires, power or signal transmission wires and cables, etc. Insulators made of silicone rubber will replace ceramic products and are widely used in power transmission lines, especially ultra-high voltage lines.

Silicone rubber manufacturers use conductive silicone rubber for electrical contact components and liquid crystal display contact parts of electronic computers, telephones and other instruments.

Flame-retardant and radiation-resistant silicone rubber products, wires and cables are widely used in nuclear power stations. Silicone rubber heating sheets and heating belts are used to control the working temperature of various precision instruments and oil pipelines, and are used as heating blankets for physiotherapy heat compresses in medical treatment. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can be used as a potting material for waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof.


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