Classification and Naming Methods of Common Silane Coupling Agents

Silane coupling agent is an important and widely used treatment agent, which is mainly used as an assistant for polymer composites. The biggest characteristic of the molecular structure of coupling agent is that the molecule contains two groups with different chemical properties. One is an inorganic group, which is easy to react with the inorganic surface; The other is an organophilic group, which can react with synthetic resin or other polymers or form hydrogen bonds to dissolve in it. Therefore, silane coupling agent is called molecular bridge, which is used to improve the interface between inorganic and organic materials, so as to greatly improve the properties of composites, such as physical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, optical properties and so on.

1. Initial use of silane coupling agent

A silane coupling agent is used to be a surface treatment agent for glass fiber reinforced plastics. Then, it is widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, inks, adhesives, wires and cables, resin sand casting, abrasive tools, glass fiber reinforced plastics, artificial quartz stone and textiles. In recent years, it has excellent performance in silane treatment solution. In fact, in the field of metal surface treatment, the amount of silane is very small. In the formula of ceramic solution, its content is basically 0.5% - 2%.

2. Naming methods of silane coupling agent

The naming methods of silane coupling agent usually takes silane as the main name, attaches the name of substituent or silicon functional group, and notes the position of substituent or carbon functional group in the specified order, so as to obtain the chemical molecular formula name of silane coupling agent. In the daily production and operation process, silane coupling agent is often used in many occasions under the trade name. Due to historical reasons, silane industry still adopts different brand system to naming products.

3. Classification of common silane coupling agents

There are many kinds of coupling agents, mainly including silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, aluminate coupling agent, bimetallic coupling agent, phosphate coupling agent, borate coupling agent, chromium complex and other coupling agents of higher fatty acids, alcohols and esters. At present, silane coupling agent and titanate coupling agent are the most widely used in the rubber industry titanate and aluminate coupling agents. Silane coupling agent is the earliest studied and applied coupling agent.


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