Features, Usage and Related Applications of RTV Silicone Rubber

RTV silicone rubber (room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber) is a milky white viscous liquid in appearance. It is prepared by compounding components such as silicone rubber, crosslinking agent and filler. RTV silicone rubber is a one-component room temperature vulcanization without solvent and corrosion. Silicone Rubber. It has long storage period and stable performance, and can bond common metal and non-metal materials, so it is suitable for bonding and sealing between various metals and between metal and non-metal materials.

1. Features of RTV silicone rubber

RTV silicone rubber has good adhesive properties, the cured product has excellent electrical insulation properties, and has the functions of moisture and shock resistance. Non-toxic, non-polluting, non-corrosive. It has good electrical insulation and anti-arc properties, aging resistance, moisture resistance, and good bonding properties. Suitable for -60℃~200℃ working temperature.

2. The use of RTV silicone rubber

RTV silicone rubber (room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber) is used as a bonding, sealing, insulating, moisture-proof and shock-proof material. RTV silicone rubber is widely used in the bonding and sealing of electronic components, semiconductor materials, electronic appliances and other equipment, electric heaters, electronic Waterproofing, sealing of instruments and potting of electronic components, etc. Specifically, such as the sealing of electric heating ends, the bonding of small motor magnetic tiles and metal shells, the bonding and sealing of automotive lights, optical instruments and lenses, the bonding of electronic instrument housings, the insulation protection of motors, and the bonding and sealing of electronic components Wait.

3. RTV silicone rubber operation method

After the components are generally cleaned and dried, the product is extruded from the metal hose for sizing. The glue contacts the moisture in the air, that is, it solidifies from the outside to the inside, and the maximum solidification time does not exceed 24h.

(1) RTV silicone moulding rubber (room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber) can be cured at room temperature first, and then treated in a humid oven at 50~100℃ for 4~8 hours to remove low molecular weight and fully cure to ensure the performance of the glue .

(2) After the product is used, the hose should be tightly capped so that it can be stored and used again.

(3) When this product is used for potting, the one-time accumulation thickness should not be too large. If it is more than 3mm, the method of layered pouring and gradual vulcanization can be adopted. The larger the accumulation thickness of the glue, the longer the complete curing time.

RTV silicone rubber is a new type of silicone elastomer, which is used to manufacture dealcoholized, deacetic acid, and deketoxime single-component and two-component sealants. It has good mold release, especially suitable for the manufacture of precision molds; it can also be used as electronic potting glue as an insulating material. Use 107 glue for good high and low temperature resistance. As an RTV silicone rubber supplier, ZHONGTIAN EAST provides customers with high-quality RTV silicone rubber to meet different needs.


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