Is Silicone Sealant Toxic? How To Guarantee The Safety Of Construction Workers?

Description of Silicone Sealant 

Silicone sealant is a paste made of polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material, supplemented by crosslinker, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, and catalyst mixed under vacuum, which is cured at room temperature by reacting with water in the air to form an elastic silicone rubber.

Silicone sealant is a kind of sealant used in electrical appliances or electronics, mainly to play the role of sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof. At present, many electrical appliances are used, good performance, and also relatively safe. But for whether toxic this issue is the focus of attention, the following details.

Is silicone sealant toxic? 

Silicone sealant is not toxic after curing. One-component silicone sealant is an elastic volume after curing, this elastic volume can play a role in protecting the wear resistance of electrical components, delaying the service life. And single-component silicone sealant is used in a wide range of fields, both in the bonding of electrical components, curing, but also in the shell of household appliances sealed. After curing, the waterproof performance and moisture-proof performance is superior, users can rest assured in this regard. Good quality silicone sealant can reach the environmental level, no toxicity after curing, whether used in household appliances or industrial appliances can guarantee no impact on the human body. So users must buy products that reach the environmental level when they buy, and if necessary, you can brand the company to cooperate.

Silicone sealant construction precautions 

Although silicone sealant is not toxic and safe for human beings, in the construction of the time still need to pay attention to do the following points in order to protect the safety of construction personnel.

1. Construction personnel need to wear protective measures such as anti-toxic masks and protective clothing and goggles. Because after the construction of silicone sealant will have a trace of alcohol flavor emitted, once cured will be completely affected.

2. The construction site needs to be ventilated, breathable, which helps air circulation and can ensure that the odor emitted by the silicone sealant during construction is quickly dissipated.

About the silicone sealant is related to these, silicone sealant in the cured not only has a seal, moisture, waterproof performance, but there is also good thermal conductivity, shock resistance, corona resistance, and leakage resistance performance so that you can fully protect the safety of the use of electrical appliances.


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