Use Methods of Silane Coupling Agents

The application methods of silane coupling agents mainly include surface pre-treatment method and direct addition method. The former is to treat the filler surface with diluted coupling agent, and the latter is to add coupling agent stock solution when the resin and filler are premixed. The solution prepared by silane coupling agents is conducive to the dispersion of silane coupling agents on the material surface. The solvent is the solution prepared by water and alcohol. The solution is generally silane, alcohol and water, and the alcohol is generally ethanol, methanol and isopropanol. The following are some specific applications, which I hope can be helpful to you:

1. Silane coupling agents pre-treatment filling method

Put the filler into the solid mixer, spray the silane solution directly on the filler and stir it. The higher the rotating speed, the better the dispersion effect. Generally, after 10-30 minutes (the slower the speed is, the longer the time is) of mixing, and the filler shall be dried at 120 ℃ after treatment (2 hours).

2. Silane coupling agents aqueous solution

Glass fiber surface treatment agent often includes film-forming agent, antistatic agent, surfactant, coupling agent and water. The amount of silane coupling agents is generally 0.3% - 2% of the total amount of glass fiber surface treatment agent. First, adjust the pH of the 5-fold aqueous solution to a certain value with organic acid or salt, add silane into it until it is transparent under full stirring, and then add other components. For insoluble silane, isopropanol can be used to help dissolution. In the drawing process, the glass fiber surface treatment agent is dried on the glass fiber to remove the solvent and moisture.

3. Silane coupling agents bottom surface method

The solution of 5% - 20% silane coupling agents is used to coat, brush, spray and impregnate the surface of the substrate, just the same as the above processes. Then take it out and dry at room temperature for 24 hours, preferably baking at 120 ℃ for 15 minutes.

4. Silane coupling agents direct addition method

Silane can also be directly added to the mixture of "filler and resin". When the resin and filler are mixed, silane can be directly sprayed into the mixture. The amount of coupling agent is generally 0.1% - 2% of the amount of filler. Then the resin and filler added with silane are modeled.


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