What Are The Functions Of Silicone Sealants

Many adhesives look like ointment-like pastes, but the bond strength is nothing less than that of a barrel of sealant, such as silicone sealant. Silicone sealants can be cured at room temperature by reacting with water in the air to form a new type of flexible silicone rubber, making them popular in certain fields. So, do you know what the specific role of silicone sealants is?

The role of silicone sealant

Because of the strong adhesive performance of silicone sealant, sealing waterproof, adapt to a wide range of temperatures, neutral silicone sealant after curing non-toxic non-polluting non-corrosive, so mainly used for curtain wall panels indirect seam sealing, such as doors and windows, as well as airports, highways, other highways, bridges, etc. sealing. In the construction of silicone sealant, to clean up the bonded surface in advance, and test whether the need for primer, so that the silicone sealant has a better bonding effect.

The main role of silicone sealant is to seal the indirect joints of the slab, as the slab is often subject to temperature changes, the main structure deformation, and other effects of displacement, resulting in the width of the joints will also change. This requires silicone sealant to have a good ability to withstand the displacement of the joints, in the long term to withstand changes in the width of the joints do not crack, this performance is called the displacement capacity of silicone sealant.

How to choose a silicone sealant

Silicone sealant brands on the market are lined up, the products are as many as the hair, often mixed with a lot of unscrupulous businessmen. Want to buy a qualified silicone sealant or choose a reliable brand!

Silicone sealant looks like ointment, but the effect of the gel is very good and has a wide range of applications, so favored by the operator. The use of a single silicone sealant is also very simple, clean up the surface of the object to be bonded, according to the need to cut the size of the mouth of the glue, the glue extrusion bonded to the surface of the object, according to the need to moderate pressure can be!


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