What Is The Difference Between Silicone Products And Rubber Products?

In daily life, many products are silicone products or rubber products. Sometimes we are difficult to distinguish which category it belongs to. Many people are mistaken that silicone rubber is a material. In fact, it is 2 kinds of materials. Silicone and rubber are different.

Analysis of the difference between silicone products and rubber products

Silicone products from the chemical point of view is a one-component room temperature vulcanization of liquid rubber products. It is already silicone as the raw material of elastomeric materials. Silicone products are a type of silicone rubber, which is a one-component, room-temperature vulcanized liquid rubber product. Once exposed to air, the silane monomer in it is condensed to form a network structure. The system is cross-linked and cannot be melted or dissolved, which has elasticity and becomes a rubber product state while bonding objects. Its thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of general rubber products, and once cured, it is difficult to separate the bonded objects.

Types of rubber products

Rubber products can be divided into synthetic rubber and natural rubber, the structure of natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, which is produced by processing the latex obtained from rubber plants, while synthetic rubber products are made by polymerization or condensation of monomers, synthetic rubber deformation under the action of external forces, with the ability to quickly restore the original shape, because he is a good physical property, the market The rubber products are automobile tires, hoses, seals, tapes, insulation materials, and other products, generally, these products are synthetic rubber products. Compared with silicone products, rubber products are better than silicone products in terms of toughness, wear resistance, dielectricity, and corrosion resistance, so rubber products are often used on top of large machines, industrial equipment, and automobile transportation equipment.

Compared with rubber products, many products used in life now silicone products have replaced rubber products, because silicone products, first of all, there is no smell, while rubber products have a smell, while silicone products are colorless, tasteless, and environmentally friendly, while the material is very soft, but rubber products are smelly, colored, in terms of price, rubber products are cheap compared to silicone products. At this stage, the application of silicone products is very light, people's food, clothing, housing, and medical care are involved. In addition, silicone products burn with white smoke, while rubber products burn with black smoke.


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