What Materials Can Be Used with Silane Coupling Agents?

1. Application of Silane coupling agent in powder coating for special substrate

The surface of some substrates such as galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, glass, ceramics and polar plastics is often so smooth that ordinary powder coatings are difficult to adhere to it. Silane coupling agent can react with hydroxyl groups on the surface of these substrates and form chemical bonds, which can significantly improve the adhesion of powder coatings.

2. Application of silane coupling agent in powder coatings with high water resistance requirements

Outdoor products, such as aluminum profiles for construction, aluminum alloy curtain wall panels, transportation facilities, outdoor furniture, etc., and indoor products working in humid environment, such as washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances as well as kitchen and bathroom products. The requirements for water resistance and boiling resistance of the coating are becoming more and more stringent. Even the powder coating with good adhesion will bubble after soaking in warm water for 24 hours, and will fall off when it is opened. At this point, silane coupling agent needs to be used in the formula to solve this problem.

3. Application of silane coupling agent in anticorrosive powder coatings

Pipelines, ships and steel bars immersed in humid and corrosive environment for a long time are vulnerable to corrosion. Silane coupling agent can effectively improve the anti-corrosion performance of powder coating: on the one hand, it can better combine the pigment, filler and resin in the coating to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating; On the other hand, it closes the interface between the coating and the substrate through coupling, prevents the migration and penetration of water molecules along the interface, and reduces the peeling and electrochemical erosion of water molecules on the coating.

4. Application of silane coupling agent in insulating powder coatings

Silane coupling agent can help to improve the electrical insulation of the coating, especially the wet electrical properties. Relevant tests show that the resistivity of glass fiber epoxy laminate with silane coupling agent after boiling for 72 hours is 10 times higher than that of the blank control group.

5. Application of silane coupling agent in powder coatings with cheap resins

Silane coupling agent has a certain resin reinforcing effect, which can significantly improve the properties of low-cost resin in adhesion, chemical resistance, water resistance and so on. Therefore, when you have to use some resins with poor quality in some products due to fierce market competition, you can add a little powder silane coupling agent to the formula to optimize the comprehensive performance of the resin, so as to achieve the balance between the cost and quality of the product.


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