Zhongtian East Fluorine Silicon carry out charitable donations Day Activities

November 1 each year, is ZHONGTIAN traditional charity Action Day.
Charity Action Day this year, ZHONGTIAN Group headquarters main venue, the basic units of the venue held a "ZHONGTIAN Charity Action Day" Video conferencing, Group headquarters executives and staff attended the meeting.

The conference kicked off in passion and strength "ZHONGTIAN Song" sound. The conference played ZHONGTIAN charity video clips reporting on student ZHONGTIAN Group, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and other aspects of volunteer activities along the way charitable activities are summarized in order, and transfer positive energy ZHONGTIAN charity culture; and to ZHONGTIAN Group 2015 The main charitable activities were carried out a year review; the Ministry of Planning Group headquarters Jiang Kang funds, assets and property group Supervision Department Headquarters Building Xiao Mei three employees were to share their years of participation in charitable activities true feelings.
At the meeting, the House chairman of the Group Yongliang and ZHONGTIAN Group Charity Foundation chairman expenses strong press to start the ball, the official opening of ZHONGTIAN Charity Foundation website. Website is divided into three parts, as well as briefings ZHONGTIAN charity foundation first part; the second part is ZHONGTIAN charitable activities specific participation; the third part is ZHONGTIAN volunteer sector. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the opening of the site, for the majority of staff ZHONGTIAN donation, provides a convenient, anytime, anywhere can use computers, mobile phones and other micro-channel donations, while the whereabouts of their donated money so you can query, convenient and Transparent. Conference site, the staff were all ZHONGTIAN donation experience, just five minutes time, they love money donated more than 60,000 yuan. The daytime, the network has reached a 200,370 yuan donation amount. With the Foundation website, the real purpose of "every day Charity Day".

F Group Chairman Yongliang at the meeting pointed out: "ZHONGTIAN charity culture has been accepted by the majority of employees, who are recognized by the community ZHONGTIAN pursuit of an era of values, morality, charity is ZHONGTIAN cultural symbols, everyone ZHONGTIAN conscious action reflects the staff's kindness and love, which is the healthy and sustainable development of important guiding force. "Chairman Lou representation, ZHONGTIAN people to further cultivate kindness, do good, do not do bad things, to the" spirit of the marathon 'to charity, help build a better society, we will ZHONGTIAN charity do more meaningful.

After the meeting, the Group headquarters volunteers and grassroots units have organized a team of volunteers to carry out various welfare activities, transfer ZHONGTIAN people love positive energy to the community. Volunteers ZHONGTIAN has become a symbol ZHONGTIAN charity is a gold card. In May this year, ZHONGTIAN volunteer team won the "Zhejiang outstanding volunteer service group" title.

According to statistics, this year, the Group charity has been donated 13,565,000 yuan. Student assistant in the field, to carry out a nationwide total of more than 10 large-scale projects, including money ZHONGTIAN student newspaper, student Dongyang, Pan student, a student within the group, Shaanxi student, student assistant Qingchuan Zhejiang " Caring gardener 'assistants and other projects, a total helping 1,570 poor students and 120 teachers in difficulty, the amount of 8.315 million yuan donation. In the field of helping the poor, continue to carry out "Pregnancy Safer", helping new rural construction and other large-scale projects 5, the cumulative amount of 5.25 million yuan donation. Which, by the Group and the ZHONGTIAN employees to contribute five million yuan reconstruction of Baoxing experimental primary school buildings and 30 September officially put into use, the Group headquarters employees Baoxing Experimental Primary School students pledged stationery also distributed to the children hands; in disaster relief, ZHONGTIAN Charity Foundation and the Tianjin company donated one million yuan to provide assistance and support for the follow-up project of Tianjin big bang.



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