Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Products

1. Silicone rubber products are resistant to high and low temperatures

Among all rubber products, silicone rubber products have the widest operating temperature range (-100~350℃).

The low phenyl silicone rubber vulcanizate can maintain its elasticity after aging in hot air for tens of hours at 350°C. Its glass transition temperature is -140°C, and its vulcanizate is still elastic at a temperature of -70-100°C. When heat-resistant silicone rubber products are used as heat-resistant coatings on the inner wall of rocket nozzles, they can withstand instantaneous high temperatures of thousands of degrees Celsius.

2. Silicone rubber products are resistant to aging

Silicone rubber products have the properties of ozone aging resistance, oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance and weathering aging resistance. After the silicone rubber vulcanizate is exposed to outdoor exposure in a free state for several years, its performance has no significant change.

3. Silicone rubber products have electrical insulation properties

The electrical insulation properties of silicone rubber products change little when exposed to moisture, frequency changes or temperature rises, and the silicon dioxide generated after combustion is still an insulator.

In addition, there are few carbon atoms in the molecular structure of silicone rubber, and no carbon black is used as a filler, so it is not prone to scorch during arc discharge, and it is very reliable to use in high-voltage situations. Its corona resistance and arc resistance are excellent, the corona resistance life is 1000 times that of PTFE, and the arc resistance life is 20 times that of fluorine rubber.

4. Silicone rubber products have special surface properties and physiological inertia

The surface energy of silicone rubber products is smaller than that of most organic materials, and it has low hygroscopicity. The water absorption rate of long-term immersion in water is only about 1%. The physical performance is not reduced, the anti-mold performance is good, and it does not adhere to many materials, and can play a role in isolation. Silicone rubber is odorless, non-toxic, has no adverse effects on the human body, slightly reacts with body tissues, and has excellent physiological inertia.

5. Silicone rubber products have high air permeability

Compared with other polymer materials, silicone rubber has good air permeability. The permeability to nitrogen, oxygen and air at room temperature is 30-40 times higher than that of NR; it has selectivity to gas permeability, such as the permeability to carbon dioxide is about 5 times that of oxygen.


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