A Silane Coupling Agent is Used to Adhesives Industry

1. In the structural adhesive metal and non-metal bonding, if you use silane type tackifier, it can be condensed with the metal oxide, or condensed with another silanol, so that the silicon atom and the surface of the glued material are in tight contact. Such as in the nitrile phenolic structural adhesive to add silane as a tackifier, can significantly improve the bonding strength.

2. Silane has been commonly used as a treatment agent in gluing glass fiber at home and abroad. It can react chemically with the interface, thereby improving the strength of the bond. For example, neoprene gluing if you do not use silane as a treatment agent, gluing peel strength of 1.07 kg / cm2, if the use of amino silane as a treatment agent, the peel strength of the gluing 8.7 kg / cm2.

3. A silane coupling agent is used in the gluing of rubber and other materials, silane adhesion enhancer has a special function. It obviously improves the strength of various rubber and other materials gluing. For example, when gluing glass and polyurethane rubber, if silane is not used as a treatment agent, the peel strength of the rubber is 0.224 kg/cm2, if silane is added, the peel strength is 7.26 kg/cm2.

4. Bonding problems that cannot be solved by general adhesive can sometimes be solved by a silane coupling agent. Such as aluminum and polyethylene, silicone rubber and metal, silicone rubber, and organic glass, which can be based on the theory of chemical bonding, choose the appropriate silane coupling agent, get a satisfactory solution. For example, vinyl tri-tert-butyl peroxide silane (Y a 4310) can make polyethylene and aluminum foil bonding; butadienyl triethoxy silane can make silicone rubber and metal tearing strength of 21.6 ~ 22.4 kg / cm2. General adhesive or resin with the use of a coupling agent can not only improve the bonding strength but more importantly, increase the water-resistance and durability of the bonding force. For example, polyurethane and epoxy resins have high adhesive strength for many materials, but the durability and water resistance of bonding are not ideal; after adding a silane coupling agent, this aspect of performance can be significantly improved.

5. A silane coupling agent is used for the organic treatment of the production process of electrolytic copper foil. In other words, the surface of copper foil is evenly sprayed with a silane coupling agent to form an organic film, which further improves the anti-oxidation ability and solder resistance, and also helps to improve the bonding force between the copper foil and the substrate.


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