RTV Silicone Rubber

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is one of the most commonly used silicone rubbers in industrial and personal applications. It is a multifunctional compound with multiple uses in various industries. This versatility makes RTV silicone easy to use. RTV silicone can be used in construction and car repair, as well as theater and home projects.

RTV silicone is easy to use:

RTV silicone has many uses:

(1) Sealants

Sealant is a material that prevents water or other fluids from passing through joints and openings. RTV is a good waterproof barrier and will not deform over time. In addition, RTV silicone is easily bonded to common household materials, such as wood and ceramic tiles. A bead of natural cure silicone sealant is applied around the windows of your home to prevent water from entering the house from outside. It is suitable for bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs, and toilets. In the kitchen, it is also used around sinks and faucets.

(2) Shim

Shim is a special sealing material used between two surfaces under pressure. They are used as a barrier to sound, liquid or vibration, sometimes a combination of the three. RTV is a good cushioning material, because most chemicals will not damage it and can be used to treat surfaces that are not very smooth. Most people are familiar with various shims on car engines. However, when you need a little cushioning when the two surfaces are glued together, you can use shims.

(3) Mold

The quality of the mold makes RTV a good material for shims, and also makes it a good material for casting and molding. It can be easily poured or brushed around objects to capture details; moreover, the final product is flexible enough to stretch without being damaged. The shape of molds and castings can be maintained for a long time.

Some practical considerations when using RTV silicone:


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