Application of Silicone Rubber Products in Aerospace, Construction, and Medical Industries

1. Silicone rubber products can be used in the aerospace industry

Silicone rubber is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry. Heat-resistant silicone rubber can withstand the super-coldness of space and the scorching heat of returning to the atmosphere, extend the life of aircraft parts, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce accidents.

Aircraft's silicone rubber products are mainly organic pore seals, electrical connectors, sealed switches, dust and water-proof covers, gaskets, "O" seals for jet engines and hydraulic devices, oxygen masks, regulating diaphragms, and hot air catheters and radar wireless shock absorbers, etc.

Heat-resistant silicone rubber products are suitable for coating rocket fuel valves, power source cables and rocket launch manhole covers to avoid the burning of rocket jets. RTV silicone rubber products can be used as air-tight sealing, window frame sealing and shock-proof and moisture-proof potting materials.

2. Silicone rubber products can be used in the construction industry

Silicone rubber products have good weather resistance and workability, and have been widely used as adhesive sealants in the construction industry, surpassing other types of sealants. In recent years, a two-component sealant with low modulus and high elongation has been developed, which is used for large-scale components such as concrete preforms and curtain walls with large joints.

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber products are also used to seal the joints of asbestos cement boards, to seal bathroom tiles and toilet utensils. As the price of silicone rubber drops in the future, silicone rubber products will further expand the scope of application, such as replacing asphalt and neoprene in the application of road joints. High-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber sponge strips are used as sealing strips for doors and windows of buildings.

3. Silicone rubber products can be used in the medical field

Silicone rubber products have good biocompatibility, small reaction to the body, stable performance, low blood clotting, can withstand high temperature and pressure and repeated cooking, and can be processed into products of various shapes, such as films, sponges, and airbags.


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