Precautions when Using Silicone Sealants

Silicon copper sealant is a very good electrical insulating material and a very high-performance elastomer. The origin of this material is very simple. It is released by the condensation reaction of moisture in the air. Yes, there are many precautions that should be paid attention to when using silicone sealant.

1. Precautions for the use of silicone sealant

(1) Silicone sealant is also a kind of glue. When using it, if it sticks to the skin accidentally, don't rush to wash it with water first. You can wipe it off with some cloth or something, and then wash it with water. , it will be very easy to get rid of.

(2) If you get it in your eyes, don't hesitate to wash it with water directly. Don't be careless if you feel comfortable. You must go to the hospital for further treatment.

(3) When the silicone sealant caulk is cured, it will release a lot of small molecules. Although these small molecules are invisible to the naked eye, they are actually very harmful to the human body, so they must be ventilated when they are placed. place, and it must be out of the reach of children.

(4) Silicone sealant is not a substance that can be stored for a long time and will not expire. The storage period is one year, and the temperature during these 12 months also has very strict requirements, so if you don't need it, try not to use it. Buy it and keep it for a long time, buy it when you use it, and buy it less often.

If you have leftover silicone sealant before, and see that the shelf life has expired, you must double-check that there is no problem before using it, because it is also a chemical during transportation.

2. Transportation and storage method of silicone sealant

Silicon copper sealant is a high-performance elastomer formed by the condensation reaction of moisture in the air to release low molecules and cause cross-linking and curing. If you say a very significant advantage, everyone will understand it very well. Very good electrical insulating properties.

The storage period of silicone mastic sealant is generally one year. During this 12-month period, the storage temperature must be between 8 and 25 °C. Although silicone sealant is not a dangerous product, it should be very careful not to leak during transportation, and it can be transported according to general chemicals. If it is said that it has been stored for a long time, more than 12 months, then it must be confirmed that there is no abnormality before continuing to use it.


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