RTV Silicone Rubber Features, Advantages and Applications

RTV silicone rubber is a type of silicone rubber that cures at room temperature. It can be produced as a single-component product, or by mixing two components (base and curing agent). The hardness range offered by manufacturers ranges from very soft to medium (usually 15 to 40 Shore). RTV silicone can be cured using a catalyst composed of platinum or tin compounds (such as dibutyltin dilaurate). Applications include low-temperature coating molding, making molds for replication, and applications with certain optical transparency grades of lenses.

Applications of RTV silicone rubber

To produce the material, the user mixes the silicone rubber with a curing agent or a sulfurizing agent. Typically, the mixing ratio is a few percent. In order for the RTV silicone resin to reproduce the surface texture, the raw material must be cleaned. Vacuum deaeration removes entrapped bubbles from the mixed organosilicon and catalyst to ensure optimal tensile strength, which affects rebirth time. In casting and mold production by rtv silicone rubber suppliers, RTV silicone moulding rubber can reproduce fine details, suitable for various industrial and artistic applications, including prototypes, furniture, sculptures, and architectural elements. RTV silicone rubber can be used for casting wax, plaster, low-melting-point alloys/metals and polyurethanes, epoxy resins, or polyester resins (without the use of release agents). A recent innovation is the ability to 3D print RTV silicone organosilicon. Industrial applications of RTV silicone resin include aviation, aerospace, consumer electronics, and microelectronics. Some of the aerospace and aerospace product applications are instrument panels, engine electronic components encapsulation, and engine gaskets. RTV organosilicon is used for its ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses.

The function of RTV silicone rubber

Advantages of RTV silicone rubber

Compared with mold rubber, RTV silicone rubber has excellent release performance, which is especially advantageous when producing casting resin (polyurethane, polyester, and epoxy resin). No release agent is needed, avoiding post-production cleaning. Organic silicon also has good chemical resistance and high-temperature resistance (205°C, 400°F and above). Therefore, silicone resin molds are suitable for casting low-melting-point metals and alloys (such as zinc, tin, and wood metals).

The rtv room temperature vulcanizing is a new type of silicone elastomer launched in the 1960s. Its most significant feature is that it can cure on-site at room temperature without heating or pressure, making it extremely convenient to use. It has become an important part of the entire organic silicon product. RTV silicone rubber is a new type of silicone elastomer used to produce single-component and two-component sealants such as alcohol-free, ester-free, and ketoxime-free. It has very good release performance, especially suitable for manufacturing precision molds; it is also used for electronic encapsulating adhesives as insulation materials. As a supplier of RTV silicone moulding rubber, ZHONGTIAN EAST provides high-quality RTV silicone rubber to meet the different needs of customers.


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